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What is ham radio?

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Clubs and organizations

American Radio Relay League

Sangamon Valley Radio Club   

Macoupin County Amateur Radio Club

Concerned about using your mobile rig while driving in Illinois?
Licensed Amateur Radio operators are exempt. Print out the act showing the exemptions and carry with you in your vehicle. "Just in case."   

625 ILCS 5.pdf

While we're discussing mobile operation, here's a web site that has everything you need to know about mobile operation from K0BG


A complete QRP station that fits in a cargo pocket

Learning CW

Traffic Handling

SKCC sked page

Map using APRS to show 2 meter band openings

APRS Tracking

D-Star Reference list

VOACAP propagation utility

WA7BNM Contest Calendar

Excellent article on half-wave end-fed antennas

The Truth about the G5RV antenna

Various articles about a simple 6T9 transmitter

Stealth Antenna links

NanoVNA https://hackaday.com/ 
NanoVNA Youtube presentation

More NanoVNA information

Chromebook end of support dates (Google)


Raspberry Pi stuff
Google Coder for the Pi
Scratch at MIT

Computer "Stuff"
Open Source Cloning software

Chrome autoupdate policy 

The authoritative site for the Chinese  radios - miklor.com

Updated 2017-09-18
K9LJB's CHIRP programming information 
for the Springfield, IL area

FTDI USB programming cable.
More expensive, but it WORKS!

DMR related


Ailunce HD1 http://www.miklor.com/COM/Review_HD1.php 

Misc Stuff.


Amateur Radio Satellite Power Point presentation 
from the May 2013 SVRC

Solar info

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