D-Star Reference List


http://www.dstarusers.org  – The D-Star Users Organization contains information on Last Heard JFindU D-Star m=Maps, Repeater Directory, D-Star Solutions, Watch D-Star Grow, Forums, Join the Network, App for iPhone, and more. 

http://www.google.com  - search for D-Star 

http://www.niftyaccessories.com/  - select D-STAR E-Z GUIDE from left panel to display description of the “Comprehensive D-STAR Operating Reference” book which includes information on these subjects: D-Star Call Routing, Local and Remote Repeater Operation, Linking to D-Star Reflectors, Programming Radios for D-Star Operation, Text and Data File Transmission, Using a Computer and a DV Dongle, Finding and Accessing D-Star Repeaters, and more. 

http://www.icomamerica.com/en/products/amateur/dstar/dstar/default.aspx  - Icom general information on D-Star includes: Five communication applications using D-Star, ICOM D-Star radio selection guides, D-Star FAQs, and D-RATS capabilities. 

http://www.k5tit.org  – The Texas Interconnect Team K5TIT D-Star Website includes information on: Who we are, K5TIT repeaters, Meeting information, Membership information, Club officers, Web links, and D-Star users last heard. 

http://www.n5zpr.com  – Bill Moore N5ZPR Website includes weather data at his QTH, D-Star radio setup, cable diagrams, miscellaneous files, other links, and pictures. 

http://www.youtube.com  – search for D-Star to see video clips selections: D-Star on the Scene, D-Star Radio, D-Star Repeaters, D-Star Leicester: D-Star Demo, D-Star Hood Video and D-Star Programming etc. 

http://www.dstarinfo.com  – The Georgia D-Star Website contains information on FAQs, Conferences, News, Newsletter, Applications (D-Star Programs), Nets, Reflectors, Repeaters, Calculator, and more. 

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dstar/id437133378?mt=8&ls=1  -There is an App for that! In the apple store search for D-STAR and you will find an App from Gerry Dalton W5MAY. 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ D-STAR - Wikipedia description of D-Star, subject content includes: History, Gateway Technical Details, D-RATS, Criticisms, Non-Icom D-Star Repeater, Compatible Programs and Projects, Home-brew D-Star radio, and Equipment. See also - References, and External links. 

http://www.arrl-al.org/Alabama_link.htm  - The Alabama Linked Repeater System D-Star site contains information on: Alabama D-Star Sites and Configuration, D-Star news, D-Star maps, D-Star Radio Setup, D-Star Calculator, Alabama D-Star Mets, D-Star history and more. 

http://www.coloradodstar.org/  - The Colorado D-Star Association Website contains information on Site D-Star Wiki-information on multiple topics (i.e. Repeater frequencies Mailing info, Radio configuration for specific models, D-Star Data, D-Chat, D-RATS etc.), Home page “Getting Started in D-Star” with link to “An Overview of D-Star” and a practical guide “Inside D-Star Digital Radio” and more. 

http://www.scdstar.com/  -The South Carolina D-Star Website contains information on Repeaters, Maps, Reflectors, Nets, Forums, D-Star Help, Links, and Photos. 

http://www.jfindu.net/DSTARPages.aspx  - Pete Loveall AE5PL D-Star Website contains information on D-Star repeaters, D-Star activity, D-PRS IGates, and D-PRS IGate activity.