Traffic Handling

For those interested in expanding their CW skills through net participation, here are a few useful on-line resources:

The Michigan Net Public Service Communications Handbook (from the Michigan QMN CW Net Web Page): 

The ARRL Public Service Communications Manual (from the Conn. ARRL Section): 

An overview of the National Traffic System in several parts (from the ARRL Web Page): 

The ARRL On-Line Net Directory: For CW Nets, 
enter in the following filter criteria: Net Type = "Section Nets" and desired Section/State: 

Please note that some of the data on this latter web page is a bit out of date.

Personally, I often check-in to the Michigan Net, QMN, which meets nightly at 6:30 PM (2330Z) and 10:00 PM (0300Z)EST on 3563 KHz. QMN is the oldest operating public service net in the US, having been founded in 1935. Their web page is: 

I am also Manager of the Illinois CW Net, ILN, which meets at 7:15 CST on 3538-KHz. We just started ILN recently, so its not quite as busy as QMN, but its growing steadily. 

Finally, those interested in traffic handling, NTS, or CW Nets may enjoy reading "QNI - The NTS Newsletter." It's available at:

Look under "archives" for recent issues.