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Posted by: "nt9k_skcc"   nt9k_skcc

Fri Dec 3, 2010 2:08 am (PST)

The transmitter attaches to the power supply using a foot of 4 wire cable attached to 8 pin octal plugs. Notice the empty tube socket on the left side of the power supply and the right side of the transmitter. I just got the cloth covered cord in the mail yesterday for that. It was the last part I needed to finish. images/slatboard.jpg images/slatboard_ps2.jpg

So where am I getting my parts from? Most of them came from AES Antique Electronics Supply, look here for RFC's, Tubes, Tube sockets, cloth covered wire and new transformers and chokes:

Another great place to find parts is from The Antique Radio Forum. I found the 5Y3G ST type rectifier tubes here as well as some of the better crystals with frequencies that I wanted: forums/index.php

Here is one more, this is a good place to find transformers. Be aware that some of the parts lists are old and lots of the transformers are already sold. The man is nice to deal with and helped me to find one that would work. Look here:

Keep in mind that you can buy the slatboard transmitter and power supply in kit form from pasttime projects and it would be a whole lot cheaper. It isn't exactly the same as mine, they use a smaller 6V6 tube and eliminated the big power transformer and use a voltage doubler. If you go to their website and look at the pictures, it's easy to see the differences:
http://www.pastimeprojects. com/transmitterkits.html

I did get a few parts off ebay, mostly FT-243 crystals. Those are getting hard to find too. At least in the frequencies you want. Maybe I'll start a webpage with all this information in one place? I can't post the November CQ 2009 article due to copyright. You really need a copy of that article!!! Maybe I could take pictures of the pages and get around that? That particular article seemed to be the best one I found. I've read that there were problems with the original 1940's article that were fixed in the 2009 version. I'll work on that, email me direct if your interested in photos.

Someone asked if it had a power switch. No, it didn't have one or a fuse or power on indicator. I do plan on adding some of those features later, just for my own peace of mind. I wanted to build it exactly as the plans showed.

I hope this has helped some of you! Feel free to write me direct for specific information. I might be a bit slow to reply? I'm juggling a lot now with K3Y and Christmas almost here. If any of you do build a slat board, please share the pictures with me!
73, Bill NT9K